Bringing Niagara Falls to everyone's home

Erin Pasma enjoying Niagara Falls Canada

Hey, it's me, Erin.  The homegrown Niagara girl and the author of this website.

I grew up in Niagara and have lived about 20 minutes from the brink of the falls for most of my life.  While I am not online building my business, I am taking care of four beautiful children and happily married to my best friend Christopher.

I had adventures in Niagara Falls Canada as a kid with my parents, sister and brother.  We would spend summer picnics at Queenston Height then later drive down to the falls to enjoy the view.  Every Christmas we would go to the Skylon Tower for a Christmas party.  The ride to the top always scared me as a little girl.  But the view...well... it was always worth a little fear.

How it all started...

Every time we have family or friends from out of town we take them down to see the falls in all of its glory and attractions.  Even the simple drive into the falls, knowing what back roads to take and the little local tips and tricks made my friends so happy that I was encouraged to share them.  So was born.

Now that my four kids are a little older, I decided to start this website to earn some extra income by sharing my local knowledge about Niagara Falls Canada.

Building a site for everyone to enjoy

Never in a million years did I think I would have the knowledge and know-how to produce a website and doing it on my own would have been impossible.  But with Solo Build It, it is possible.  I knew next to nothing about building a website but with Solo Build It, I did not have to.  The action guide walked me through step by step and made my dream of building a website into a reality.

You will see my kids throughout the website as I want this site to portrait real people enjoying - or perhaps in some cases not enjoying their attraction or dinner in the falls.

I am a very positive person, but I want you to know that the website and my information is real.  If there is something that I think is just not worth the time or money, I will let you know.  Then you can make an informed decision about making your trip to Niagara Falls Canada the best one ever.

I really hope you enjoy your time in the falls if you are making the trip or maybe you are just wanting to know more about the falls and visiting my Fun Facts pages.  Either way welcome and it's my pleasure to have met you.

Please if I can be of any assistance, contact me.

Your homegrown Niagara girl,


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