What is there to do at the
Fallsview Indoor Waterpark?

If you are thinking of visiting the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark for a family getaway you are going to have a great time. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, there is lots to do for every age.  Our family has been there many times and really enjoyed ourselves. 

bird's eye view fallsview indoor waterpark

Let me tell you about our experience... We stayed at the Sheraton on the Falls in a water park package room.

Before we arrived I had inquired what time we could check in, which was 3:00pm and when we could start using our water park passes. I was informed that the day we arrived we could be admitted into the Niagara Falls water park as soon as it opened and the day we departed we were free to use the water park till 3:00pm.

I asked my husband before we went "How long do you think we will actually be there? I mean can 4 kids really do waterslides for more than a few hours?" To answer my own question - Yes they can!

Wondering which hotels are connected to the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark?  There are actually three hotels attached to the waterpark with indoor access - Sheraton on the Falls, the Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls and the Skyline Hotel.

niagra falls indoor waterpark

How long can a family expect to stay at the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark?

niagara falls indoor waterpark

We were absolutely overwhelmed by how long we stayed and played at the Niagara Falls water park. There was so much to do for everyone which was so important to us because our kids are 6 years apart. There was a splash pad for our little one, a Beach House for our 3 year old, and lots of slides that kept the older two entertained. Even when the kids were done with the slides, we brought our snack upstairs to the jungle gym. My husband and I were able to relax while the kids climbed.  

We spent 8 hours at the Fallsview Indoor waterpark; 3 hours the day we checked in, 5 hours the day we checked out and we were only there for one night!

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Below you will find a list of things to do in the park along with height requirements. 

Mat Slides - There are two mat slides at the Fallsview Indoor Water Park and they both are lots of fun. I tried each of them racing my sons both times. We had a blast. Unfortunately, both of my son although tall enough (height requirement is 48"), they were not heavy enough to beat their mother. They literally got stuck coming down the slide. It is nice that I can still beat them at something! 

Body Slides - At the Fallsview Indoor Water Park there are two body slides. The first one is called "Sky-screamer" I would rather call this one "really scary", I am such a chicken. I was sure I was going to die before I reached the bottom of this one. This slide is pitch black inside and keeps twisting and turning. My son thinks it's the bomb. The height requirement is 42"
The Drop Canyon is the other body slide that I refused to go on. You lie on your back, go down a little drop (which makes you think this is not so bad) then you plunge 6 stories. It looks terrifying but 3 out of the 6 people in our family think this is the best ride in the whole waterpark, and I am the only one tall enough to try it out of those 3 that don't like it. Told you I was a chicken. The height requirement is 42"

Tube Slides - There are four tube slides at the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark all of them have a height requirement of 42". These rides are great fun. You can ride by yourself with a single tube or with a partner in a double tube. The indoor waterpark has very sturdy tubes that are really comfortable, and you can use them for free. There is an orange slide that is completely enclosed. The twists and turns are unexpected because you cannot see where you are going. I went on this slide plenty of times and as you loose sight of where you are going it certainly heightens you other senses.
The next slide is the Canadian Plunge or "Toilet Bowl" as our family likes to fondly call it. This slide has speed as it whips you down and around the bowl. I always try to slow down the tube by putting my feet in the water (my kids yell at me for that). And if you are not careful, you may end up going down the second part backwards - of course my husband does this on purpose - that is why I don't ride with him anymore. 
The other two slides are not too fast and are just plain fun. I don't have to slow them down at all. Our five year old daughter was just tall enough to ride these big tube rides, and she loved the green one. I'd say that is the mildest of all tube rides.

Wave Pool - The wave pool at the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is a beach entry pool which makes it very enjoyable for the little ones to splash in, while the bigger kids can grab a tube and face the waves. I have to admit although the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark advertises 3 to 4 foot waves, the waves are not high at all. When we visited the bell sounded to warn you that the waves are coming and although the water gets a little choppy it is nothing like the Americana Waterpark wave pool. The benefit to this wave pool over the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls wave pool is that there are little tipping buckets and squirters for the kids to have fun with as well. I want to warn you that it says that children under 6 years old are not permited to use the wave pool in the Fallsview Waterpark info, but I had my son in there and he was only 22 months. They don't seem to enforce this rule.

Outdoor Pool - There is an outdoor pool that is open all year round at this Niagara Falls Waterpark. Keep in mind that you must be accompanied by an adult if you are less than 12 years old. The pool has basketball nets around it and is only about 4 feet deep. When we visited it was winter. The kids thought it was so cool swimming in a pool with snow on the ground around you. They did not last too long out there, mostly because I begged them to come in because my hair was freezing - literally. Don't worry the water is refreshing and heated all year around, although it was more than refreshing in the winter time. Before you venture to the outside pool go to the customer service desk and you can rent balls for free at the customer service desk for a $10.00 deposit.

Hot Tub - The Hot Tubs at the Fallsview Waterpark are for those 16 years and older. They are located kind of "out of sight, out of mind" for the younger kids. I did see them when I was there, but the kids did not even notice them - too much else to see and do. They can accommodate quite a number of guests.

Beach House - The Beach House is fun for families because there is so much to do. It has squirt guns, mini slides (no height requirement), rope bridges and more... It is really a "wet adventure playground", that can keep big and little ones entertained for hours at the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark.

Tipping bucket at Niagara Falls water park

Tipping Bucket - The Tipping Bucket is located on the top of the Beach House. It dumps 1,000 gallons of water on the beach house and every time my sons heard the bell warning that it was going to tip, they went running. My husband wanted the kids closer to the action, so he put them on top of his shoulders so they could get higher and feel the full effect of the water. It is kind of neat being in Niagara Falls and feeling that force knowing that Niagara Falls is so much more powerful than the tipping bucket at the Fallsview Waterpark.

Tiny Tots Splash Park - This little park was my youngest sons haven when we visited the Niagara Falls waterpark. It is behind the Beach House and has squirters and water gushing out of the ground. I think the nicest part was that the water was warmer than the other water so the little ones would not get cold. My son loved the little slide the best and this park kept him busy for hours.

Indoor Dry Playground - Once the kids got tired of all the water rides, we noticed there was a playground up top near the control tower. This playground is geared towards younger children so you must be less than 48" to enter. Our kids really enjoyed swinging on the vines, chasing each other through the obstacles and racing each other down the slides. After they explored the whole playground they were back to the water again.

dry jungle gym fallsview waterpark

Food - We actually did not purchase any food while we were at the waterpark, because we were able to go back to the hotel room for our meals. You are not allowed to bring food into the waterpark. This can get tough with little ones, but having a granola bar on hand in the change room can do wonders in tiding them over. The Fallsview Indoor Waterpark has a Beach Club Restaurant right in the water park. It has your traditional chicken fingers and burgers if you want to eat on site. We wanted to save some money, so we got dressed and walked over to the Wendy's on Clifton Hill. Since the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is located centrally, you have lots of choice in dining for example the Rainforest Cafe, Boston Pizza, Ruby Tuesdays, Tim Hortons, just to name a few.

Towels - You are probably wondering does Fallsview Indoor Waterpark provide towels.  Yes!  They are smaller, but they do the trick.  You can bring your own in if you like, but you are not allowed to bring hotels towels into the park.

Wondering what the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark costs?  Check out their site for exact prices.  FallsviewIndoorWaterpark.com

The Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is a great family getaway. Our kids really had a great time, sliding, climbing, chasing and racing. We know you and your family will love it, so slip that suit into your luggage and get ready for a water filled getaway.

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