We loved the indoor jungle gym

Our kids had so much fun playing on the indoor jungle gym they did not want to leave! 

Bronto's Veggie Tale Adventure Playland which is located on the east side of Clifton Hill Niagara Falls Canada is a blast. 

Before we entered I imagined the playland to be a glorified McDonald's playplace, but I was pleasantly surprised when it offered so much more.

Bronto's adventure Playland

How much are tickets to Brontos Veggie Tale Adventure Playland?

The playland consists of three play stations

  • Large playset that you can see from Clifton Hill
  • Medium playset that is indoors and set further back into the building
  • Smallest playset for toddlers

The largest is at the beginning, and the older kids and kids at heart(adults) definitely have the most fun here. It is a three story jungle gym with cargo nets, “ball blasters” that shoot soft balls, slides, and other obstacles to climb, jump and run on.

My sons 5 and 7 both agreed that the best parts were shooting their dad with the ball blasters, and gazing out the dinosaurs mouth at the top of the third story which overlooked Clifton Hill Niagara Falls.

My daughter who is 3 did go on the large playset but wanted her dad with her at all times.  

Hints and Tips when visiting this indoor jungle gym

The indoor medium sized jungle gym was just right for our 3 year old.  She loved it.  It was similar to the larger set outside but on a smaller scale.  

The third and final area is the toddler playset. As you can see the theme for this area is Veggie Tales, with an interactive sound system. The kids can press their favorite Veggie Tale character and hear one of the songs that the character sings. Although all of our kids checked out this area, the only one that really played here was our 12 month old. He really liked to climb and throw the balls around. 

Ticket Prices are as follows:

  • $6.99 for an Adult
  • $11.99 for a Child
  • $11.99 Senior/Student

A child is considered 12 and under

Overall Brontos Veggie Tale Adventure Playland indoor jungle gym was a great outing for our family. We were a little thrown off by the fact that we had to pay for ourselves, but the kids had tons of fun. We were in there for an hour and a half and in the end everyone agreed they wanted to go back.

Hints and Tips:

Do not visit in the rain - If you are looking for Niagara Falls indoor attractions, this might not be it.  We visited Brontos Playland in the winter, and were surprised to see the largest playset was completely outside. If you wanted something to do on a rainy day, this would not be a good choice, unless you were okay with only playing on the smaller indoor playsets.

Not Wheel Chair Accessible - Like I said previously, the playland is divided up into three sections according to age groups, and although the first playset is street level, to get to the next two you have to go down a flight of stairs; there is no elevator.

Adults need tickets too - My husband and I were surprised to find out that you had to pay to enter if you were an adult. Unlike McDonald's where you can sit and watch, once your kids enter through the front gate they are gone from site. We were informed that kids 8 and under have to have a paying adult with them.

Looking for the bathroom - Our three oldest kids needed to use the washroom while we were in the Playland. Just in case you have an emergency, go past the two playsets and up the stairs. Take a left at the top and follow it around until you reach the bathrooms.

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