Best Niagara Falls Canada Restaurants

If you want to eat at fancy Niagara Falls Canada restaurants, you will have no problem finding one. The streets are lined with places to eat, each with their own flavor and flare. Do you want to know which ones are the best? Check out our list below to find out which ones left me stuffed and craving for more. Remember though, we are all different so read carefully and try to pick one that best suits you and your parties needs.

Restaurants overlooking the Niagara Falls

Now if you are looking for the best restaurants in Niagara Falls, in my opinion they would have to overlook the falls to be called the best.  After all, some of you might only get to visit Niagara Falls Canada once in your life, you might as well be gazing at the falls as much as possible, right?

Fine dining is not something I do everyday (maybe because I have four kids), but I love it. Getting dressed up and being served a gourmet dish assembled by a chef at Niagara Falls Canada restaurants is a great way to dine. Sometimes if you have a great staff waiting on you feel like royalty – or at least a valued guest. 

Not all of the restaurants below are classified as fine dining but many of them are more expensive than your run of the mill chains.  Hey, sometimes you have to pay more for the view!

restaurants in Niagara Falls CanadaSecret Garden Niagara Falls

There are quite a few restaurants overlooking Niagara Falls for you to choose from

  • The Secret Garden
  • Skylon Tower Revolving Restaurant
  • Massimo's Italian Fallsview Restaurant inside the Sheraton on the Falls
  • The Rainbow Room Buffet inside the Crowne Plaza
  • Morton's Grille
  • Milestones on the Falls inside the Marriott on the Falls
  • Prime Steakhouse inside Crowne Plaza
  • 21 Club Steak and Seafood inside Fallsview Casino
  • Table Rock House Restaurant
  • Queen Victoria Place Restaurant
  • Horseshoe Landing Patio
  • Fallsview Restaurant buffet
  • The Keg inside Embassy Suites
  • Summit Suite Buffet inside Skylon Tower
  • R5 Patio and Bar inside Fallsview Casino
  • Canyon Creek
  • Pinnacle Restaurant atop the Towers Hotel (formerly Minolta Tower)
restaurant overlooking Niagara FallsView from Skylon Revolving Dining Room

The view from all these restaurants is amazing!  Some restaurants boast of being able to see over 120kms (80 miles) on a clear day.   Truly I am not sure my eyes can see that far, but I will have to take their word for it.  

How about while dining in Niagara Falls Canada restaurants you watch the fireworks over Niagara Falls?

Don't forget about the firework schedule.  What a highlight it would be to be dining with an amazing view and then being treated to a fireworks show.  You don't pay any extra for the show, but be sure to make reservations early so you won't be disappointed.

Remember to contact me if there is a restaurant you would like to see reviewed or if you had an experience at some Niagara Falls Canada restaurants that you would like to share please let me know.

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