Niagara Falls Hotels Directory

In Niagara Falls hotels are everywhere. Each year more dot the horizon in Niagara Falls, higher and higher all trying to capture the most stunning view of the Falls.

This directory was created to help you plan the perfect getaway for you and your traveling companions. Whether money is no object, or you are on a tight budget, you can use this directory to find the hotel that is just right for you.

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How to use this directory (The hotels are listed in alphabetical order)
First, click on the ones you want to review and you will see these categories.

Price (per night) – I will try to list an "on season" and "off season" rate

$ - under $100
$$ - btw $100-250
$$$ - btw $250-400
$$$$ - over $400

Size – How many rooms does the hotel have? What kind of rooms they offer (ie. Single, queen...)

Location – What area of the Falls it is in? Can you walk to the Falls or surrounding attractions?

Description – A brief overview of the hotel.

Once you have read all the particulars do not forget to read the reviews of the Niagara Falls hotels from people who have stayed there. Sometimes that is what really counts when deciding between two hotels.

It is important to find out exactly what you are receiving for the amount you are paying, as it has been quoted “No surprise, is a good surprise.” We want you to have the best Niagara Falls experience possible, so although we have not visited every hotel, we will add more hotels as we are able. But if there is one you do not see listed, contact us and we will try to have a review posted as soon as possible.

Have you visited a Niagara Falls Hotel? Share you story by filling in the form below and help others make an informative choice on where to stay.

Embassy Suites Niagara Falls

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Travelers Tips:
- Most hotels have expanded over the years as Niagara Falls Canada has bloomed into a huge tourist city. It is very important to request that you receive their newest renovated rooms, either when you book, or when you check in. It can mean the difference between a beautiful pillow top mattress and a lumpy one. See our review on Hampton Inn North of the Falls to find out what I am talking about.
- Niagara Falls Canada's busiest season is from late May till Labor Day (first weekend in September); with Labor Day weekend being the busiest of the year. During these months prices are at an all time high, especially around Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th). These are the months that we have consistently warm weather, but early May or September can be warm as well. So if you want to miss the rush, and save some money while you are at it you need to book off season.
- Most travel sites give you a star rating for each hotel, we will not include that on this site. Did you know that star ratings are not standardized? Companies that provide an on-line rating of a hotel take information from reviews or from other sites to come up with a rating. With that said, we will give you the information about the Niagara Falls hotels and let you be the judge.

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