I love to visit Niagara Falls in Winter

Niagara Falls in Winter

Have you ever thought of visiting Niagara Falls in winter? Naturally most people think about going to Niagara Falls Canada during the warm summer months of June, July and August. But if you wanted a totally different perspective you should try visiting in the winter time.  It truly is spectacular.

Niagara Falls Canada Winter
Niagara Falls Winter

Before I get out of hand talking about winter, I do have a confession to make...I LOVE winter and I LOVE the snow!  I always have and living this close to Niagara Falls Canada for most of my life makes it all worth while. 

In my house tobogganing is our number one winter passed time, but going down to see the "frozen Niagara Falls Canada" is a close second. 

Does Niagara Falls really freeze?

Let me debunk the myth right away though, Niagara Falls doesn't really freeze.  The sheer amount of water volume and force on the falls causes it to keep flowing.  Has Niagara Falls ever frozen?  Well, yes it has, you can read all about it in my facts about Niagara Falls.

frozen niagara falls

Interestingly enough, not only do the falls take on a totally different look, but the roar of the Falls that is normally heard during the summer is dampened by the freezing cold air and lower volume.  The mist that rises does so in seemingly slow motion and the water down below in the Niagara River seems to protest as it is pushed down the icy Niagara River hoping to get caught in the shallow water so it can rest and turn into ice.

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Niagara Falls frozen

Did you know that during the winter months, water gets diverted through the hydro plant to create electricity?  The diverted water does not go over the falls but is redirected.  Meaning that only 85 million litres or 22 million gallons go over the falls every minute compared to the 170 million litres or 44 million gallons every minute from April to October.  

When you look at the American Falls you can plainly see that it is a smaller waterfall, but did you know that only 7% of the water flowing down the Niagara River goes over the American Falls?  That is why in the winter the American Falls look more frozen than the Horseshoe Falls.  

American Falls frozen
Horseshoe falls frozen
Icy American Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls in Winter

Like I said before, I am biased towards winter because I love the snow, but some real perks of visiting Niagara Falls Canada in the winter are

  • way less tourists
  • great hotel deals
  • easy to find parking

Sure some attractions will be closed because of the temperatures, but if you are looking to see the natural beauty of the falls without the crowds, I would recommend visiting in the winter months.  The best time to see "Niagara Falls frozen" is usually late January till early February.  We need to have many days in the negative numbers to really show off the true beauty of Niagara Falls in winter.

Frozen Niagara Falls Canada

I was down at the falls many times taking these beautiful pictures, most at the brink of the Falls with no one in sight. Most days it was a freezing, around -25 degrees Celsius or -13 degrees Fahrenheit but the Falls never looked more spectacular. It was as though a beautiful white blanket was keeping everything muted and still; everything that is except for the water.

Niagara Falls Canada frozen

Ice everywhere!

Icy lamp post at brink of Niagara Falls Canada

I just had to include the picture for Niagara Falls in winter.  It is a lamp post next to the brink of the falls that still has the garland on it from the festival of lights Christmas celebration, but it almost looks fake.  It is absolutely covered in ice.  (It reminds me of the lamp post in the Chronicles of Narnia.  :-) ) 

Everything down at the brink of the falls is covered in ice.  And when the sun comes out the area surrounding the falls glisten like a crystallized palace while the snow topping gives me thoughts of an icing sugar coating.

Now I have you thinking of candy!  There is plenty of that down in Niagara Falls Canada - you ever tried Maple Fudge - so delicious!!

View finders at Niagara Falls Canada

So if you think you have seen all the splendor the Falls has to offer, you need to start thinking of braving the cold and visiting Niagara Falls in Winter. Bundle up and it will be a truly amazing natural experience.

Wondering about new and exciting happenings in Niagara Falls Canada.  Don't miss a beat by signing up for my free Tour the Falls newsletter with remarkable tips and tricks to make your trip to the falls amazing!

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