Niagara Falls Outlet Mall

Looking for some Niagara Falls souvenirs?  The Niagara Falls Outlet Mall has some trendy ones! Whether you are in the falls for the day or vacationing here, Niagara Falls Canada has two outlet malls.  And we all know a girls got to shop :)

Tommy Hilfiger Outlet, Coach Outlet, Lululemon Outlet, Nike Outlet are amongst some of the awesome stores at these two Outlet Malls in Niagara Falls Canada.

One of the malls is located on Lundy's Lane - the main tourist street in Niagara Falls Canada-and is called the Canada One Outlet.  The other is located just off the highway closer to the outskirts of the city and is called Outlet Collection at Niagara

Niagara Falls Canada Outlet address

  • Canada One Outlet - 7500 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1G9
  • Outlet Collection at Niagara - 300 Taylor Road, Niagara on the Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Niagara Falls Outlet Stores

Just some background for you, the Canada One Outlets were built about 15 years before the Outlet Collection at Niagara was.  At the time the Canada One Outlets were the place to go, all the stores were full and there was no other Niagara Falls Outlet Mall.  Then they built the Outlet Collection at Niagara and some stores moved out of the Canada One Outlet and moved into the Outlet Collection at Niagara.

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The Canada One Outlet is much closer to Niagara Falls Canada.  It is only 4 miles or 6 kms from the brink of the falls. 

Where as the Outlet Collection at Niagara is 10 miles and 17 kms. 

So basically you could walk from the brink of the falls to the Canada One Outlet and it would take you about 25 minutes or you could get public transit easily.

Local girl tips...

Some of the stores are true outlets, and others are regular stores without any great discounts.  Both outlets have  Adidas - I get amazing deals at both- but the Adidas store in the Canada One Outlet has lower prices than the Outlet Collection at Niagara.  You can find the exact same shoe at both stores, but the shoe at the Canada One Outlet will be $5-$10 cheaper.

At both Niagara Falls Outlet malls June, July and August are the busiest months.  But parking is always free and the lot is huge.  You never have to make a reservation to visit either, they do offer bus tours at both locations.

One big bonus at the Outlet Collection at Niagara is the nice playground they have set up for the kids.  My husband likes to enjoy the free wifi while the kids play and I get to shop!  

Happy Shopping at the Niagara Falls Outlet mall.

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