The Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls an exciting adventure for the kids.

What an experience the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls provided our family! Waterfalls, thunderstorms complete with lightening, and moving animals certainly topped the list of entertaining suppers.

Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls Hints and Tips

Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls Statue

It all started by entering off of Clifton Hill under the 80 foot volcano into a tropical land. We were met by the safari guide (our hostess) who brought us through the restaurant to our table. The very first thing we noticed upon entering the restaurant was how it felt like a rainforest. We quickly found out why as we passed the Rescue the Rainforest Statue complete with waterfall and rainbow. (Can you see the rainbow to the left of the word rescue?)

Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls Mushroom Bar

As we walked further we notice the “Mushroom Bar” divided from the room by a rain wall – very cool. The camera could not capture it, but here is a picture of the bar.

Our safari guide led us to our table quickly explaining that there would be a thunderstorm every 15 minutes and shooting stars every 30 minutes. We were seated and met by our server who introduced himself and a few minutes later came to take our orders. He encouraged us to walk around the restaurant to check out the exhibits and take pictures while we were waiting for our food.

Rainforest Cafe Shark

There was lots to see including the shark and some huge tropical fish.

The kids loved the snakes that hung down and stuck their tongues out, and the animatronic gorillas and elephants came alive as the thunderstorm rolled through the restaurant. This kept us busy till the food arrived.

Rainforest Cafe Gorillas

The food was okay. Nothing out of this world but not bad either. My husband had his traditional hamburger (he orders a hamburger where ever we go), and I had a Chinese salad. They were both good, but were pricey. To pay $16 for a hamburger and fries is a bit much. The kids had some chicken fingers, mini hot dogs and fries, and their meals were $10 a piece.

Hints and Tips

-Plan ahead We visited the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls in the off season so we did not have to wait. If visiting in the summer you can call a day ahead and get on the preferred seating list(when you arrive your party is put in que before the others waiting) because they do not take reservations for small parties, this is your only way to shorten your wait.
-Ask for complementary game tokens When my sister's family went to the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls they received tokens to play some arcade games just outside the restaurant to help pass some time.
-The Gift Shop You will enter the restaurant through the gift shop, which is filled with lots of Rainforest Cafe stuffed animals and trinkets. For most this is of little consequence but for those of us with children it can mean a bigger bill for dinner than we figured. So if you do have to wait, make use of the complementary tokens as mentioned above, and quickly escort your little ones to their seat when it is time.
-Loud storms may scare children Although very intriguing if you have sensitive little ones be forewarned that the thunderstorm is very loud and is accompanied by flickering lights that can be frightening.
-Cool view To get the most out of your experience I would request a table near the gigantic brilliantly colored fish tanks. Not many are available but it does not hurt to ask.
-Internally Connected The Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls is connected to the Sheraton Fallsview Niagara Falls, Casino in Niagara Falls, Hard Rock Cafe, and the Brock Plaza Hotel. You can get to anyone of these without having to step outside.

Overall the atmosphere in the Rain Forest Cafe Niagara Falls is great and kept the kids busy the whole meal. I do not think we would return to the restaurant but it is one of those things we wanted to experience as a family.

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