Dinner at the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada - Yum!

Going to the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada for dinner was really a great experience. Although being a stay-at-home-mom and having someone else cook for you is a great experience in itself, but all kidding aside it really was beautiful from start to finish.

Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada showing yellow bug elevator

My husband Chris and I arrived at the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada on a nice clear night 15 minutes before our reservations. They recommend arriving early so you will be seated on time. You see the Skylon Revolving Dining Room is located at the top of the tower, so you have to take the glass enclosed elevator, which could be a few minutes wait.

Once we checked in at the front desk in the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada lobby we were whisked away in the elevator for a breath taking view of the falls. It is so amazing what you can see when you are ascending to the top. Not all Niagara Falls Canada restaurants have a great view, but that is certainly not the case at the Skylon Restaurant. When we reached the restaurant we were immediately assisted by the hostess where we requested a table nearest the window to ensure the best view of the falls.  This was our view, isn't it amazing!

view from top of Skylon Tower Niagara Falls

It was a 10 minute wait for a table but during that time we were able to take in the sights and sounds of the restaurant and of course the view. We were very impressed by the look and feel of the restaurant; with the concert pianist playing in the background and the shinning hardwood floors with dark wood trim and the servers dressed in suits and tuxedos. Even the decor spoke volumes of richness as if preparing you for the great meal that was ahead.

Once we were seated our server was waiting on us almost immediately asking if we would like drinks to start off and bringing us menus. We were quite hungry by this point so we ordered a Caesar Salad and French Onion Soup for appetizers. It stated in the menu that they were famous for the soup and the waitress assured us we would not be disappointed. We were not disappointed in anything. For our main course we enjoyed Chicken Cordon Bleu and Rack of Lamb served with warm bread. Everything was out of this world.

Even the vegetables had a seasoning on them that awakened the senses. But my favorite was hands down the French Onion Soup.

One negative thing we did not like about the revolving dining room was the sun. We visited the restaurant when the sun was setting. The windows did not have any treatments on them to block the sun because as you can imagine people ascend the tower for the view of the falls not the blinds on the windows. So when we revolved to the sunny side of the restaurant it was quite hot and blinding. I don't know of a solution only to go at a different time of day or maybe even at night to see the falls lit up. Now that would be a great picture.

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Between us gawking at the birds eye view of the falls and the delicious food on our plates it was a great evening. We really made a night of it because in the Skylon Revolving Dining Room we revolved almost 3 times which means we were there for 2 ½ hours (the revolving restaurant turns 1 revolution/hour) and enjoyed every minute of it. We never felt rushed but really enjoyed ourselves.

What made it even better was the service. The wait staff at the Skylon really made you feel like a valued guest. Of course all Niagara Falls Canada restaurants should have service as their number one priority, but that is not always the case. At the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada, anything you need they are there to assist you. Of course with the food being so great who could resist but to try dessert. We managed to split a cheesecake and it finished off the meal nicely. We were stuffed and I even took home half of my chicken. All in all it was a great view and a great time. It truly is one of the great $$$$ restaurants in Niagara Falls.

My local girl inside scoop on how to make your trip to the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room amazing

1.  Making reservations for Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada

I would highly recommend making dinner reservations because on a busy night you could be waiting a long time to get seated(most Niagara Falls Canada restaurants will be this way). It is very easy to make reservations you can call 1-877-4SKYLON (1-877-475-9566) or even make them online at www.skylontower.com. I have heard of people waiting up to 45 minutes just to take the elevator to the top of the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada in the height of tourist season; so even if you make a reservation make sure you go a little earlier to give you time to get to the top.

2.  View the menu/prices

Before you go, view the menu online. I think it is great for Niagara Falls Canada restaurants to do this so no one is shocked at the prices once they get to the restaurant. Nothing like expecting to feed your family of 4 for $100.00 and finding out that will only feed you. To view prices go to www.skylontower.com.

3.  The best seat in revolving restaurants in Niagara Falls

In our experience we wanted to have a window seat when actually any seat had a great view. While at the restaurant we realized that the upper level held a great view as well, because the table actually swivels out so that you can sit side by side to enjoy a head on view of the falls. And because the restaurant revolves the view keeps changing and everyone gets their chance at a great Kodak moment. (I am showing my age - guess it would be a great selfie moment now :-)

5.  Motion sickness

Because this restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls revolves, we were concerned about feeling uneasy. That was not the case at all. The room revolves so slowly that you cannot feel it. The only time I had a problem was when I went to the bathroom and forgot what section I was seated in. Learn from me, you cannot use the landmarks because when you come back to the restaurant they will have moved by then. It was one of those laugh at yourself moments. Don't worry there is no other Niagara Falls Canada restaurant that revolves.

6.  Dress Code at the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada

There is no dress code but we did dress up for the occasion - I don't get to dress up very often so I love to do it when I can. The servers were all wearing tuxedo's and fancy clothes so we felt very comfortable. There were lots of people in jeans and shorts so wear what you want there is no dress code at the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Canada.

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