Our family loves the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls!

Whenever you mention the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls in our household our family really starts to get excited. Questions of “Are we going there again?”, “Can we ride to the top and look out on the observation deck?” and “How much money can we spend in the family fun center?” fill the air. My husbands biggest question is “When can we go back to the Revolving Dining Room?" (he loves to eat there).  As you can imagine when our family ventures down to the Skylon Niagara Falls we spend lots of hours and have lots of fun.

Skylon Tower Niagara Falls

So many things to do in the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls

  • Fine Dining
  • Buffet Dining
  • Observation Deck
  • Gift Shops
  • Fast Food
  • Arcade
  • Centralized Parking

The Revolving Dining Room is white table cloth fine dining.  Although there isn't a dress code to enter the restaurant, my husband and I always get dressed up.  Want to know more about the restaurant in the Skylon?  

The buffet family dining at the Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room, is a more casual atmosphere than the Revolving Dining Room.  This buffet aims to please with a multitude of food items to choose from.  I am not a big eater, so buffets are usually a waste of money for me, but bring my boys along and I get my monies worth!!  

The Observation Deck is really neat.  You can stay inside and read a number of plaques about the history of the tower or you can go outside to a fenced in deck and hear the falls and feel the mist on your face.  If you do venture up the tower you can see the American Falls, Canadian Falls and Bridal Veil falls.  The Skylon Tower Niagara Falls offers quite the view and a great spot for a favorite selfie!

Skylon Tower in Winter

In the basement there is a family fun center - with arcarde/carnival games, a 3D/4D movie, two Starbucks (one on Murray Hill and one inside the front lobby of the Skylon), a Pizza Pizza on the amusement level and a Mr. Sub and DQ/Orange Julius on Murray Hill.

Who can forget the Skylon Tower's infamous "Yellow bug" glass elevators that ascend guests to over 775 above Niagara Falls Canada.  It is an amazing ride, but it does make my heart skip a beat every single time.  You can ask my kids, I do not like heights.

But enough about me..

The elevator gives you a gorgeous view of the falls.  Another tip I have for you is when entering the elevator make sure you try and step right up to the glass.  During the height of tourist season they can really jam pack the elevator and if you are short you might not see anything in the back.  Move as close as you can to the front. 

Want to learn some Falls history?  Stand beside the elevator attendant and ask questions.  Some do give a little talk on the way up, others do not say anything, but they are all full of great information about the falls if you ask.

Parking at the Skylon

The Skylon Tower Niagara Falls is located on the Canadian side with the front of the building on Robinson St. and the back of the building on Murray Hill-right across from the Fallsview Casino Resort. It is a great place to park if you want to walk down to the Falls.

It has two parking lots, one right in front of the tower (parking lot A) and one beside it (parking lot B). Lot B only adds about three extra minutes of walking to get to the Skylon and I am sure you guessed by now, the lot closest to the building is usually double the price.

We were just down to the Skylon Tower during the height of tourist season and we paid only $8.00 to park all day in Lot B. Of course on the weekend that price would be at least double, but you can walk a lot of places from that lot, it is very centralized. And just a side note – the parking lots are lit and paved - some parking in the falls can be a little scary at night.

So whether you are a long time resident or a tourist here for a visit the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls is one place you just cannot miss.

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